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Portfolio Overview 

"Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio. Below I have provided a statement that explains the concept and inspiration behind my work. I have also provided quick access links to the main sections of my portfolio from sketchbooks, life drawing and final designs. If you click the portfolio tab at the top of the page you will find access to more of my work and my main collections from my final year at university."

- Jasmine 



Flourishing Joy


‘I paint flowers so they will not die.’ - Frida Kahlo

 Since the beginning of time plants have provided us with food, shelter and medicine as well as being an age-old source of inspiration in art and design due to our human need to be close to nature, keeping the life and energy of plants painted hundreds of years ago alive to this day.


 Over time, however, we have moved away from a life surrounded by nature for lives in built up areas and busy cities, we find ourselves living in smaller spaces and with less access to the outdoors. With more time spent indoors we are becoming known as the ‘indoor generation’, living in dimly lit rooms lit up by the blue light of our screens rather than in sunlight, creating a detachment from the natural world. This has led to a separation from the benefits of nature, such as improving mood and enhancing wellbeing. Studies have found, however, that having plants in your home can help to reduce stress and even increase productivity and creativity.


 I wanted to capture some of these benefits through design by exploring a range of drawing and mark making approaches to translate the qualities of various plants and create a hand drawn interpretation of their character. I wanted to bring the energy and positive impact plants provide into the home environment. I did this by creating a series of digital prints for home interiors inspired by the playful, vibrant colours, pattern and textures found within plant life. Keeping house plants has had a revival in recent years and I would love to see my designs combined with real plants to create healthy spaces that bring the outdoors in and help people reconnect with nature.

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