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A BiT About me & my work 

Jas per spot.jpg

  I'm Jasmine, a recent graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design with a degree in textile design, specialising in digitally printed textiles and currently based in Dundee, Scotland.

Recently, my work has been inspired by plants and their benefits to us whilst illustrating their joy and vibrancy.

  Flourishing  Joy
 My project is called Flourishing Joy and looks at the benefits  to our health and wellbeing that come from keeping plants within the home. In recent times we have found ourselves moving away from nature for lives in built up areas, often in cities. We're becoming more detached from the natural world and its benefits, living in smaller spaces with less access to the outdoors and are becoming known as the 'indoor generation'.

  Keeping house plants however, has been found to help improve our wellbeing by helping to reduce stress, increase productivity and even creativity. I decided to create a collection to capture the energy and positive impact plants provide in a home environment and translate them through my design work.

 My work is digital and often starts with a painting or collage, to be built up later on photoshop. The hand drawn element is really important to me and can be seen in most of my work. I would love to see my designs combined with real plants to create healthy spaces that bring the outdoor in and help people reconnect with nature. Thank you for reading a bit about me and my work!



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